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Production status monitoring

With automated check-ins & integrated data you can keep production delays to a minimum and respond faster and with less effort when they do.


SKU management

Store all your products along with specific data centrally to instantly track every SKU in your supply chain.


Better supplier relationships

Keep control of your relationships with supplier contacts located at the touch of a button. Find the data you need to make informed buying decisions and maintain supplier relationships with ease.


Real-time inventory tracking

Keep track of your orders with end-to-end visibility. Satellite tracking combined with carrier exception data ensures you always know exactly where your shipments are.


Purchase order management

Created, accepted, and signed in a few clicks. Automatically receive shipping quotes from your approved POs and invoices. Get deals moving quicker with less effort.


Integrated logistics

Utilize our scalable network of leading global logistics providers or bring your own. tradefact brings together your team, suppliers, and logistics providers to keep everyone together on the same page.


Centralized communication

Say goodbye to error-prone emails, avoid sifting through folders and centralize your conversations all in one place.


In context collaboration

Enable your teams to work together from anywhere in the world. Share critical updates and milestones securely.


Integrated data

Connect with your existing technology stack to get the most out of your data. Unify your metrics with pre-built integrations to help you make better-informed decisions.


Responsible trade

Take control of your sustainability with accurate, actionable data. We help you highlight your carbon footprint to reduce and offset your emissions while enabling optimal supply chain performance.


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