Harmonise your supply chain.

Plan, order, monitor and ship your inventory, all from one central platform.

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Order Management

Import, view and update all your orders in one place. Generate requests for shipping quotes from trusted partners. Get deals moving quicker with less effort.

Finance Offering

Integrate with specialist finance providers to benefit from capital growth for your supply chain operations.

Shipment Monitoring

Track and manage shipments with the click of a button. All the information you need is in one place to help you make better-informed decisions.

Centralised Communication

Say goodbye to error-prone emails, avoid sifting through folders and centralize your conversations all in one place.

Real-time Order Tracking

Keep track of your orders with end-to-end visibility. Add a FLARE to your shipment to provide real-time updates and data on the supply chain journey.

Integrated Logistics

tradefact brings together your team, suppliers, and logistics partners to keep everyone together on the same page.

Tradefact is essentially an extension of our team, we have the visibility and control that gives us the confidence to grow.

Jessica Cole

Thomas Pink Shirtmakers London


Are you tired of juggling multiple spreadsheets to streamline your eCommerce operations? With tradefact, unlock the power to make accurate decisions and keep orders in sync with one-click integrations to your ERP.


Bring your team,suppliers and logistics partners together on a platform that streamlines communication and gets orders completed faster. No more time wasted dealing with a fragmented workflow; it’s time for smarter solutions that bring value every step of the way.


Tradefact gives your team the power to see, manage and respond efficiently on all purchase orders from a single view. Streamline operations by quickly moving orders with minimal hassle.


Tradefact makes global shipping easier and keeps you informed every step of the way! Request, compare, accept or reject shipping quotes with a simple click. You can also track all your shipments in one place and visualise them on an interactive map – hassle-free trade management from anywhere at any time.

Operations teams are 4x more productive with Tradefact.

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