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In the past companies have relied on spreadsheets and out of context emails. tradefact eliminates these inefficiencies by delivering automation, collaboration tools, and real-time information to boost visibility and enhance decision-making across the entire supply chain. 

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tradefact connects your products, stock locations, orders, suppliers, warehouses and logistics into one automated solution. Delight everyone right across your business with one connected source of truth. Give your operations, finance, warehouse, marketing and ecommerce managers the supply chain tool they need to work together more efficiently.

Operations teams are 4x more productive with tradefact SCRM.


Make better business decisions through accurate, real-time data, and achieve 20% higher on-time performance.


Minimize the complexity of your supply chain, and save 30% on administrative work.


Streamline and optimize your logistics processes, and reduce your overall costs by 10%

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